Carson Pass Weather Station - CARSON

Carson Pass Live Weather Gauge Display

The charts and data below is the data collected and transmitted via Amateur Radio APRS equipment located at Carson Pass above Red Lake, California - USA.
Carson Pass Weather Live Data Display
Carson Pass Weather Last 24 Hour Data & Graphs

Carson Pass Weather Data (last 72 hours)

NOTE: The Carson Pass Weather site is 100% solar powered.
The following charts and data may not display due to long periods of cloud cover,
as well as during or after heavy snow events.
These conditions result in the solar panels not being able to produce sufficient power to run
the radio equipment that transmits the weather data.
The data will once again be displayed when the sun comes out and the snow clears from the solar panels allowing the batteries to recharge.
Your patience is greatly appreciated...

Temperature/Dewpoint Graph Wind Speed/Direction Graph
Barometer Graph Rain Graph
Carson Pass Telemetry Data
CARSON - Battery Voltage Graph over last 14-days (336 Hours)

CoCoRaHS (Community Collaborative Rain, Hail and Snow Network) Station Number: ID-GM-5 Live Lightning Map - USA Boise Skywarn Spotter ID: DO21 AlertID Southwestern Weather Network
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